Lizzy's Story Meet Lizzy, 1st Year, Anthropology, Hatfield. I love people and spend most of my time in the college dining hall or in coffee shops, chatting to some of the weird and wonderful people in Durham. I have always been a bit of a people-pleaser. I loved school but I never really was excellent at anything. I was averagely clever, not very sporty, not super musical but I loved people so I floated between groups, attempting to bridge the gap between the ‘cool’ people and the ‘weirder’ people. But in reality, I wasn’t sure where I fitted in. As someone who loves hanging out with people, I found it super easy to put my identity, satisfaction and meaning in what other people thought of me or who I spent time with. But even the greatest human friends and family, are not perfect. Humans are broken and flawed, people do hurt you and let you down. I found myself longing for stability, and as my family was turned upside down by joblessness and mental illness, I turned to Jesus. I had grown up going to church but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I realised Jesus isn’t just a nice idea for old ladies, he is alive, the Son of God who became human. He was flesh and blood, on this earth. Jesus died the most horrible death on a cross so that tiny humans like me, who are so messy and flawed and what the bible calls sinful; can be brought back to Him. I can never be nice enough, or know enough people, or be funny enough, or stop thinking those horrible thoughts enough to make God love me. Every day I reject him, by living not in the way he made me to live. But, because of his immense and incredible love, because Jesus came to die for humanity’s sins, all those who believe in Jesus can be called God’s children. This is the most amazing thing ever, being able to call the God who created everything ‘father’, because of what his son Jesus did for me. Being fully human is knowing the depths of my weakness, my sin, my shame and my hurt. Better still, knowing the triumphing freedom, joy and hope which come from knowing Jesus as my Lord and saviour. Jesus offers a life transformed now by pouring out grace, love and freedom which comes only from God. So, I am not me because I stash and dash college sports, or tell awful jokes, or am half Australian, or spend all day in coffee shops with people I love. I am me because I have been brought to fullness in Christ. I am human because I know the true, wonderful and life changing love of God in Jesus. Being fully alive and fully human, is knowing this love and having life to the full as a child of God. Lizzy's story interest you? Click here to read more about Human, coming soon!