Charlotte's Story Meet Charlotte, 3rd Year, Anthropology, Hatfield. Durham has been a place of new things: a new city, a new subject, and new friendships. I would describe myself as a people person; I absolutely love people. What I truly value in life is friendship. Hanging out with others and doing life alongside the people I love makes me thrive. I was brought up going to church. However, I spent most of my school life not fully understanding how the God from the Bible related to my life. Growing up in a Christian family didn’t just make me a Christian. I thought I got the message of Christianity, but I still struggled to understand why I needed Jesus. Life seemed pretty sweet without Him. However, I kept being drawn back to the idea that Jesus died a brutal death on the cross for me. Why would he do that? Towards the end of school and on my gap year, I began to truly consider the claims of Jesus and during this time I came to the realisation that the Bible’s message of Him holds true. I still have a lot of questions that I don’t know the answers to and as a naturally inquisitive person I often struggle with this. But what I do know is that Jesus came to this earth, died on the cross, and conquered death so that I can experience undeserved friendship with God – not just in heaven, but now too. For me, the relational side of life, the ability to cultivate meaningful and lasting friendships, is what makes us human. I absolutely love my friends and family, but the relationship that I value the most in my life, is the one I share with Jesus. He isn’t just an ancient figure from an out-dated story. He is someone who longs to have a relationship with me, to do life alongside me, and to carry me through the good and the bad times. Because I am human I make mistakes. As someone who loves being around people, it is easy to put my identity and satisfaction in what others think of me. No matter how much I mess up and despite my flaws, I am forgiven through Jesus and therefore I know and experience a deep, intimate, real friendship with the God who made the universe. Nothing I do will make God love me more or less – He loves all of me for who I am. Choosing to accept Jesus into my life has meant that I live in a relationship with my Heavenly Father every single day and this brings me huge joy and eternal hope. I long for those that I surround myself with to know the love that Jesus is offering. Charlotte's story interest you? Click here to read more about Human, coming soon!