H u m a n

19 - 23 FEB 2018

About Human. A member of the species Homo sapiens. Distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech and upright stance. Human. A creative, intelligent being, uniquely characterised by experiences and desires, with great capacity for both love and destruction. Human. The form God chose to take in the person of Jesus, to express His character in a way we could understand, and to offer us a new way of being human. Human. A week of events hosted by Durham CU between 19-23 February 2018, exploring questions of humanity, life and faith. You are invited.


Monday - Friday | 1:05pm - 1:55pm

Talks. Free lunch. Q&A Session. Discussion.
| Physical | who am I in a world of chance and matter?
| Rational | how could a thinking person base their life on the Bible?
| Emotional | is there meaning in my pain?
| Individual | won't God rob me of my freedom?
| Eternal | isn't happily ever after just wishful thinking?


Monday - Friday | 7:15pm

Interview. Talk on the book of Luke. Food & Drink. Live Entertainment. Discussion.
| John Knapton | A top structural engineer, who advised after 9/11 and Grenfell
| Shane Taylor | A former criminal with an incredible transformation story
|Pouya Heidari| A former Muslim who left Iran in 2009 as a refugee, now training to be a Christian minister
| Nikki Dravers | The founder and director of REfUSE, a Durham-based social enterprise
| The Student | Sharing their experience of life and faith at university
Live performance by the Wayfarers, with wine & canapes Live performance by Chronotic Brass, with a hog roast Live performance by Forster and the Mustard Cutters, with cocktails and nibbles Live performance by Angus Beauchamp, with movie snacks Live performance by Harri Endersby, with cake & hot chocolate

Globe Cafe

Saturday 17th February | 7:00pm - 9:00pm | St. Oswald's Institute

Talk. Three course meal.
On Saturday 17th February Globe Café is hosting a three course meal with a short talk about Jesus and our guest will also be sharing his story of faith in God. Everyone is so welcome!

The Search

Mondays | 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Talks. Discussion. Tasty baking.
After Human finishes, The Search will be running three evening events further exploring what we’ve heard this week. Whoever you are, you are so welcome to these evenings. We’d love to discuss with you your questions, issues, or thoughts that have arisen this week.
26th February
A Human God and humanity’s condition.
5th March
A Human need for a divine death.
12th March
A Human relationship with a living God.
Cafe Monday - Friday | 10am - 4pm | The Marquee We will be serving high-quality, artisan coffee at The Cafe with a trained team of student baristas. Come and unwind, eat, drink, chat, debate, work and relax. See you there.

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